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iPod Video (5.5 Gen) In-Depth-Review - 2020

The iPod Classic 5.5 Gen was the best iPod Classic ever made. But is it still usable as an MP3 player today?

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HOME - On My Way Out (Intro Music)

Kaiolyn – Press Start [Synthwave]

HOME – Overflow [Synthwave]

[Future Bass] Phaura - Melva

HOME - Resonance

HOME - Hold

kakarot : I started using it because I couldn’t afford Spotify anymore
Googly Eyes : does it creak when you press the menu button?
Matias : For those of you who want to sync movies and other videos to this ipod, download movavi video converter it works like magic.
bibasik7 : The best iPod is the 5.5 gen 80GB. The difference is the the 80GB version has 64MB of RAM as opposed to 32MB in the 30GB iPod. This allows you to put more songs on the iPod. Normally, you wouldn't encounter this limitation, but with all the various flash adapters you can get, you can easily get enough storage to encounter this limitation.
DrJealous : People who use this ipod are just baby driver wannabes

iPod Video review 30GB (5th generation)

Apple iPod Video 5th gen was the first iPod Classic to feature a 2.5" LCD capable of playing videos and movies in addition to music, photos, and games. Let's revisit this retro product with a 30GB black model.

OSReviews - 2011
Kevin Martinez : 2020?
Josean Thompson : I didn't even know Ipod could play video.
TheMightyOdin : My 60 gig I bought in 2005 is still kicking. I tested it the other day on a full charge and shuffled all 8000 songs on it. It was at 14 hours of continuous play but I fell asleep and don’t know when it actually ran out of battery.
Lane Mac Bean : I have an 80 gb iPod vídeo
Adews : Can you please do a 2020 video?

Apple Event San Jose 2005-The 5G Video iPod Introduction

Here we see Steve Jobs at the "One More Thing Event" introducing the first ever iPod that can play video.
Poochoo69 : Best iPods ever.
kakarot : I use this ipod in 2020 in honor of Steve Jobs and will be using it for many more years.
SPRINK X2004 : Lol
guitarboyjeff : I still have mine from Christmas 2005!! Though for years the headphone jack was broken because cases didn’t exist like they do today for the iPhones. I was finally able to replace the headphone jack and replace the battery!! My iPod still works from 2005!!!!!
Helly TRAN : Hi


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